Why Choose Centralized Business Solutions Company?

A History of Strong Results

Clients consider CBSC, INC. a leading performer across portfolios. We enjoy strong, long-term relationships with those clients based on results we have delivered over time. As one of the most highly regarded independent agencies in Canton/Akron Ohio and surrounding areas, maintaining our reputation as a leading provider of services will continue to drive our performance. New clients can expect the same high level of service that CBSC, INC. demands of itself.

Experienced Management Team Keeps Client Goals in Focus

CBSC, INC. is well established with 30 years of experience as a leader in contingency collections. The company has grown by responding to its clients’ needs while remaining committed to its core values of specialization, a “do the right thing” attitude, and delivering top results. The senior management team is the driving force behind the company’s consistency and growth. Each team member has over 20 years of industry experience. As a client, you can be assured that this group will strive to achieve top results for your portfolios while maintaining compliance and integrity.

High-End Infrastructure to Serve You

CBSC, INC. has always been a leader in its use of technology and continues that philosophy today. Fully integrated systems, highly automated processes, and intelligent decision rules driven by scoring models are just some of the tools utilized at CBSC, INC.. CBSC, INC. has invested heavily in its technology infrastructure to provide for substantial scalability as we continue to grow. Finally, both our physical and data security have surpassed rigorous independent audits. Your customer information is safe.

The Right Stuff

At CBSC, INC. we consider ourselves small enough to be responsive to client needs, yet large enough to get the job done. Due to the unusually high experience level and tenure of our collection staff, we are uniquely positioned to ramp up resources to tackle special tasks and new projects. And with our focused ownership philosophy, you can count on our solutions to be implemented in a timely fashion. Our strong desire to be the industry leader in all portfolios lets you rest assured that your accounts will always receive our very best efforts.

Safe and Sound

CBSC, INC. is a safe decision as a business partner. We have enjoyed steady growth in placements for years with an ever decreasing cost basis. With very little debt, and healthy financials, we don’t have to worry about short term decisions. That’s good news for all of our clients because it allows us to maintain our philosophy of client, consumer, and employee focus – if we take care of those; the company will succeed and grow